J56 Dance Beneath a Diamond Sky

J56 Dance Beneath a Diamond Skys

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This adorable chap (you know he’s a chap cos he hasn’t got any eyelashes – in case you were wondering!) is my response to this weeks Documented Life Project 2015 challenge of using underpaper (see pic below) and the theme of “What Lies Beneath?”

I thought of a hippo as soon as I read the prompt because so much more lies beneath the water than what you see above and then I went looking for song lyrics with the word beneath and found this lyric, part of Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan, which just resonated with me – and I could just imagine that a hippo might think that!

Hope you enjoy him as much as I did making him and here is a pic of my underpaper – it is literally what I put under my work to save my desk – I cut out a hippo shape and glued it onto the watercolour paper and went from there.  If you look closely you’ll see all kinds of mad brush cleaning, text tests and stamp cleanings.  He is A4ish in size (212 x 299mm).

Photo 2-02-2015 5 00 06 pm

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1 Response

  1. Annabelle says:

    A very charming fellow ! I love the look in his eye. I can see him enjoying the music. Great stuff