J57 Birds of a Feather

Click on image to see more detailled version

Click on image to see more detailled version

This is my take on the Documented Life Project 2015 challenge for January 24 – to include Writing and to respond to the journal prompt of “Words with Friends”.

I started with an exchange of words over messaging with my arty friend Annabelle – they can be seen on the edges of the bough if you look closely and followed this with a list of words that mean friendship to me – some of these appear on the body of the birds now but nothing really resonated.  Then I recalled a incident with good friend and fellow singer, Toni.  We ate chocolate for dinner one night (why is a long story) resulting in a hysterical bout of hyperactivity, laughter, choreography and singing.  Friendship at its best!  It is A4 sized (210 x 295mm).

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1 Response

  1. Annabelle says:

    Great birds, very well done. love your thinking behind this … Hope we have lots more chats and laughs together