Sing Your Own Song

J31 Sing Your Own Songs

Yesterday I found out something that I thought gave added meaning to this artwork of mine, incidentally also my most popular artwork.

According to a recent ABC Catalyst program entitled Where Birdsong Began (here is the link)  it appears the world’s songbirds had their evolutionary origin in Australia before spreading to the rest of the world, not as you might expect!

The ABC’s Mark Horstman said:  Knowing that this continent was the birthplace of songbirds, parrots and pigeons, helps to explain their close relationship with Australian vegetation and their extraordinary behaviours, why Australian birds are more likely to be intelligent, aggressive, loud, melodious, socially cooperative, environmentally influential and more important for pollination than anywhere else.

I think this is marvelous and couldn’t agree with Mark more – goes for all Aussie birds!

I still have a few of these framed limited edition prints for sale – A$85 each.

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1 Response

  1. Annabelle says:

    Very interesting to find out about birdsong. I love all our birds and have always found them to be both clever and noisy.i really like how you have done this.