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J215 Shark Thoughts

J215 You Can’t Whistle

It may seem like this was inspired by my time snorkelling at Rotto but it was actually started this back in July last year – its in my White Man journal and it has...

J213 Dont Pretends

J213 Dont Pretend

So I evolved this balding lass from a shadow on a scrap of gelli paper and then glued her into the last available page in my little journal – next to this raven.  Then...

J212 Art Journal Covers

J212 Art Journal Cover

I finished another of my small art journals and the cover is usually the last thing that I do. This is the front and back cover – I used tiny pieces of unrelated collage...

J211 Who Comess

J211 Who Comes to Save the Day

A fun small art journal page make from an abstract background and some altered collage.  I really must swap out the paint bottles on my desk so I get some variety in colour.

J208 Trust Your Guts

J208 Trust Your Gut

Hahaha – sometimes it just makes me laugh!  The woman and duck appeared out of an ugly background and then she found a confused friend.

J207 Just Fishings

J207 Just Fishing

Nothing like an old fashioned selfie to make the angst dissipate.  The smaller text reads “At work our reputation for Excellence prevails Because we set high standards and Focus on details.”  I do love...

J206 This is a Tests

J206 This Is A Test

It seems appropriate to be working in my recycled Christmas card journal at this time of year – and this was a test!