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J151 Seeking Connections

J151 Seeking Connection

This was inspired by something I saw on Instagram while at the airport on a recent holiday – I can’t recall who inspired me and I had the Seeking Connection thing running through my...

J149 Dark Pasts

J149 Dark Past

Another journal page in the Ancestor series – these are my German grandparents and Dark Past refers to the hidden secrets all ancestors carry and the hidden traits passed down from generation to generation....

J145 If You Dont Matters

J145 If You Don’t Matter

Another journal page inspired by my ancestors – they are all there including myself as that man angel with a liver.  There is much to explore around who we are, what traits we inherit...

J143 Handsomes

Body Fragments

These are all journal pages done in my A6 Little Journal part of 21 days of emBody.  I’ll be doing a few more as the inspiration strikes.

J138 Take My Sorrows

J138 Take My Sorrow

This is in my The White Man journal and was started almost exactly a year ago.  It has found poetry that reads: I want to take my sorrow into the clouds stone, make a...

J137 In Stillness I Breathes

J137 In Stillness I Breathe

The full text reads –  In Stillness I Breathe My Soul Into the Fire. This angel born of smoke and fire is carrying the weight of my ancestors and all they have passed down to...

J136 Neither Good Nor Bads

J136 Neither Good Nor Bad

How lovely to be making art journal pages again in my style – the quote is by Will Shakespeare Nothing Either Good Nor Bad But Thinking Makes It So.  A note to self I...