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J200 Sick Of The Dances

J200 Sick of the Dance

Done in response to the Down Deep art course by Fonda Haight Clark.  Each half of this was done as a separate artwork and sometime the right words are just found in the right...

J198 I Am Sakshis

J198 I Am Sakshi

Done while on a yoga retreat in Bali – this chap was sitting poolside watching us day in day out – bearing witness – being sakshi.

J196 Enoughs

J196 Enough

An artwork generously ripped into 6 pieces and distributed amongst friends is inspiration enough, right? Or is this some other play on words?

J194 Gut Codes

J194 Gut Code

I am so behind in my posting but it is because I am doing lots of art – the best of reasons. So this page is in my White Man repurposed book and started...

J192 Love Fixes Everythings

J192 Love Fixes Everything, Right?

Another art journal page in my mini journal that was started with a travel sketch of a church tower in Cleveland USA.  It comes with fine print reading – if not call Gottman


J191 Pursue the Fascinating

I have been in the self imposed art desert and then I found this in my journal and realised it is very me and that my art does speak about me and that makes...

J190 What Would You Knowws

J190 What Would You Know?

I was working on this last night and an owl sort of started to appeared on his shoulder – imagine my surprise when my eye caught something flying in and landing on my deck...

J189 Stories of the Othersws

J189 Stories of the Others

Finally a chance to post this journal page – strange imaginary creatures came to play on the full moon.  They remain curious, willing and strangely perceptive given their harsh beginnings.  Grateful for all the...