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J192 Love Fixes Everythings

J192 Love Fixes Everything, Right?

Another art journal page in my mini journal that was started with a travel sketch of a church tower in Cleveland USA.  It comes with fine print reading – if not call Gottman


J191 Pursue the Fascinating

I have been in the self imposed art desert and then I found this in my journal and realised it is very me and that my art does speak about me and that makes...

J190 What Would You Knowws

J190 What Would You Know?

I was working on this last night and an owl sort of started to appeared on his shoulder – imagine my surprise when my eye caught something flying in and landing on my deck...

J189 Stories of the Othersws

J189 Stories of the Others

Finally a chance to post this journal page – strange imaginary creatures came to play on the full moon.  They remain curious, willing and strangely perceptive given their harsh beginnings.  Grateful for all the...

J188 Flight Riskws

J188 Flight Risk

Done to the prompt of Flight – I love a double meaning and this time with just a hint of Octoberish inky bird to keep my hand in.  Revealing – as is often the...


J187 Wonders Appear

From Imagination Wonders Appear – and wonky faces too lol!  I’m practicing drawing from my imagination ‘cos I find it hard!  This is done on a recycled Christmas card and is the companion page...

J186 Dingo Speakws

J186 Dingo Speak

My new moon page part of Moonshire2018 – I am exploring things magical and a little bit woowoo including tarot and oracle cards as inspiration for art.  So here is Dingo Speak – done...

J185 Land of the Deadws

J185 The Land of the Dead

I’m late posting this page in my The White Man re purposed book entitled the Land of the Dead coincided with a story in the media about a baby found in a suitcase in...

J184 Make Wavesws

J184 Making Waves

My sea witch, sea goddess or is it me – grateful the full moon has brought her ship in complete with quote by Scott Stabile “Don’t worry if you make waves just by being...