Magpie Musings

J181 Bring on the Wonderws

J181 Bring on the Wonder

This is another recycled Xmas card with content inspired by the song lyric Bring on the Wonder by Susan Enan first heard in an art video on Wonders by Effy Wild – the song is so...

J180 The Messengerws

J180 The Messenger

Inspired by my Moonshine2018 course – its a bit magical and intuitive and I have been doing an art inspiration card pull using some Lenormand (clairvoyant to Napoleon) oracle cards I had forgotten I had...

J179 Sun Burnt Moonws

J179 Sun Burnt Moon

My first full page for the year – Sun Burnt Moon.  I’ve joined a year long inspiration called Moonshine2018 and this is my January full moon page.  I really enjoyed doing the research for...

J178 Reset To Zerows

J178 Reset To Zero

My computer died (don’t you just hate that?) so there has been a delay in posting this.  My last page for the year – Reset to Zero – like when you press that button...

J175 Doesnt This Matterws

J175 Doesn’t This Matter

A page in my new recycled Christmas card journal.  The words and little bits of collage literally fell out of my ephemera box and my rule is when that happens I honour it.

J161 Out of Services

J161 Out of Service

Seems I did an oopsie – this page got left out.  It was actually done in September.  Its a portrait of Mum and I – somehow the artist’s subconscious knows what needs to be...


Cheeky Monkey Joins the Circus

Finally finished my altered children’s story book – Cheeky Monkey Joins the Circus (sorry Lisa Kerr). The oldest pages date from Nov 2014 – you can see how my art has evolved since then. ...

J174 Swingingws

J174 Swinging

The final altered page in my Cheeky Monkey Joins the Circus children’s book with apologies to Lisa Kerr. Inspired by a line already on the page:  “Swinging is the one thing in the world...

J173 Entangledws

J173 Entangled

Another busy spread in a re-purposed children’s book – it morphed in the making proving that art can transform – it to me, me to it not sure what comes first!